The Right SaaS Metrics for Each Stage of Your Company

You probably know tons of different SaaS and subscription metrics, and you probably heard you should be measuring a few of them no matter what. Actually even we have told you that on the “5 metrics that every subscription business should be measuring” article. Guess what? That isn’t necessarily true. Don’t get me wrong, those […]

3 Incredibly Important Prospecting Metrics to Keep Track of in B2B Sales

For a salesman, the most important metric they keep track of is how much business have they closed per month, quarter, year. This helps set up payout, promotion, and advancement. But how do you get there? What’s important to keep track of that keeps a salesman headed in the right direction and not chasing bad […]

Top 10 SaaS Sales Management Software

Introduction From strategic account management to accurate forecasting and effective inventory management, SaaS sales management software help businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive. With the increasing popularity of SaaS and subscriptions getting within reach of small businesses, SM systems are no longer only meant for enterprises and large organizations. The outcomes of using a […]

5 Metrics That Every Subscription Business Should Measure

You can find countless blog posts and lists out there saying what metrics a subscription business should measure. There are tons of nice-to-have metrics, but I’d like to show you 5 metrics that are really indispensable for a SaaS or any kind of subscription business. It’s important to notice that this lists represents my personal point of […]

Important Factors to Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Important Factors to Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Introduction Picking the right SaaS provider has become critical as an increasing number of businesses seek to externalize their IT systems. Due to a few barriers to entry and nature of the cloud industry, it’s not surprising to see a myriad of SaaS providers that offer a large number of services. This makes selecting the […]

Tips To Build An SEO Social Media Digital Marketing Business Strategy

Tips To Build An SEO Social Media Digital Marketing Business Strategy

Nowadays, most companies understand the importance of search engine optimization in growing their businesses, but they often overlook the elevating potential of integrating social media in their SEO efforts. With a countless number of social media users, there’s no question that social media and SEO should work together to form a solid digital marketing strategy. […]

Guide to SaaS Pricing Models and Strategies

Guide to SaaS Pricing Models and Strategies

Introduction This guide covers the most popular SaaS pricing models and strategies, which should help decision makers choose the best model according to their unique requirements. Businesses, whether small or big, choose SaaS over traditional software delivery methods mainly because of low initial costs and the flexibility SaaS model offers. While most people think of […]

5 Reasons to Choose MYSQL for Business Data Backup


To help you understand why you need to use this method, here are five reasons to pick MySQL for business data backup. It cannot be emphasized enough that business individuals should always have a backup plan for their data. This is important because it can help save your entity anytime there are data crises. After […]

CRM and How To Use It To Your Advantage When Boosting Sales


Revenue is an important aspect when it comes to business. However, what can be considered as the backbone of any business isn’t the revenue. Rather, it’s the customers. After all, a business won’t gain any revenue without customers. Hence, it’s incredibly crucial in maintaining strong customer relations to keep a business going. One way to […]

Notes from SaaStr 16’ — Day 3 Summary

SaaStr 16'

Final day at SaaStr Annual 16′. This was the best event that I attended as a SaaS founder. If you want to review the previous days, here are my notes: Day 1 Notes Day 2 Notes What Makes a Great SaaS CEO Josh Stein, Jason Lemkin Key insight: If you can get to U$1m in ARR […]