Moving to the Cloud? How to Choose between IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Solutions

The owners of both small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises should by now be aware of the disadvantages of building on-premise servers. For example, did you know that physical servers require continuous updates every 3 to 5 years? To keep them running like a charm, you will need to hire a team of skilled […]

Website ROI Calculator: What, How, and Why?

Did you know that interactive content generates 2 times more conversions than passive content does? If your website has passive content, then it’s time you reconsider its design. This is especially true if you’re not happy with your conversion rates and want to grow your business more. A great idea is to have a website ROI calculator. […]

SaaS Interactive Calculator: How to Leverage Calculators in Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

The marketing world is an ever-changing, dynamic place. Its technology, trends, and tactics never stay stagnant for long. How do you ensure your current customer acquisition strategies pay off? Certainly, calculating return on investment (ROI) is one place to start. Invented in 1914 by Donaldson Brown, the ROI formula lets you monitor overall business performance. To […]

ROI Calculators: Best Practices and How to Effectively Use Them

If you’re selling online services, you’ll need one! Did you know that in 2019 Carmax sold 748,961 used and 447,491 wholesale vehicles? Or that they raked in net earnings of $842.4 billion? Talk about an impressive showing for a company that only came on the scene in 1993! Add to this the fact they entered a highly […]

T2D3 & The Climb: A escalada de uma Startup SaaS


Na última semana publiquei um post que despertou um interesse bacana de outros empreendedores do mercado SaaS, onde compartilhei alguns do materiais que nos ajudaram muito nos primeiros anos da Rock Content. Por isso, hoje, resolvi trazer outros 2 “ouros” para quem está nesta indústria. Here we go: Como construir uma Startup avaliada em $1 […]

Montando uma Startup SaaS? Aqui tem o que você precisa para começar…

startup saas

Quem me conhece e lê meu blog (que anda muito parado) sabe que sou apaixonado por SaaS. Estudo bastante, me atualizo e gosto de compartilhar meus aprendizados sobre o as coisas que aprendi com a economia da recorrência. Afinal, a Rock Content opera e cresce utilizando o modelo SaaS (CaaS, talvez? hehe) Mas ontem aconteceu […]