We are happy to announce the results of the first edition of the Brazil SaaS Landscape Research. We surveyed 597 respondents in May 2017. 49% of respondents were SaaS CEOs and that’s the segment we focused our research on. The report is a joint initiative by SaaSholic, Rock Content, Signal Hill & Redpoint eVentures.

Brazilian organizations are more and more open to then adoption of a Software-as-aService IT offerings. According to a research by Capgemini, in Brazil, SaaS is the most commonly-used Cloud delivery model, with 92% of the companies are already adopting at least one SaaS product.

We believe this is a precise representation of the current SaaS startups ecosystem in Brazil. We see this snapshot, as a strong indication that the SaaS market in Brazil has reached a tipping point, and we expect to see continued growth over the years to come.

The survey aimed to create a credible benchmark for all players in the Brazilian SaaS ecosystem to understand:

  • Company profiles
  • Distribution strategies
  • Growth rates & Traction
  • SaaS metrics
  • SaaS funding benchmarks

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Enterprise SaaS companies in Brazil grow faster than B2C or SME focused startups;
  • 60% of companies have more than R$1m ARR( ̃ $300k) and take less than 6 months to recover CAC costs;
  • 67% of companies have an LTV/CAC ratio superior to 3;
  • The Brazilian SaaS startup takes a median 2 years to get to R$1m ARR ( ̃$300k);
  • Inside sales is the the preferred go-to market strategy of SaaS startups. field sales and channel sales are rated the most efficient;
  • 26% of the companies surveyed have a marketplace component;
  • 71% of the Brazilian SaaS startups are bootstrapped and have never raised any funding.
  • SaaS is still in is early stages in Brazil, but the companies are maturing and showing healthy unit economics.

You can view the full report bellow:


We’d like to thank all partners and companies that helped promote and answer the survey. This will be very important for the development of our ecosystem and for future benchmarks.

We’re committed to make this an annual research so, together, we can track this emerging startup category in Brazil.

For feedbacks/suggestions, mail me at [email protected] or Tweet at me at @dttg.

All the best,

Diego Gomes

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