If your company only uses common strategies to build traffic and raise awareness of your product or service, you may see your traffic figures increase. But you won’t be getting the revenue traction you need for your business to grow if you don’t create buyer personas. Your SaaS marketing success could be reliant on the methods you use to build your buyer persona profiles.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of who your ideal customer is. You can create this persona from performing market research, looking at data concerned with your existing customers, and interviewing your current customers. To achieve SaaS marketing success, you will need to target more than just one buyer persona. But it makes sense, to begin with creating your best one initially.

Breaking Down Buyer Personas into Types

Using SaaS products has become a familiar and successful business model for e-commerce companies. The proof in the pudding is more than 50 private SaaS businesses cost equal or more than $1 billion. By using SaaS marketing, your company can increase its traffic and conversions. To do that, you need to focus on creating buyer personas. Implementing buyer personas begins by giving job titles to your customers. For example, your personas could be:

  • The Daily User: This type of buyer persona wants products or services that are easy to use, saves time, and helps efficiency.
  • The Manager: This kind of persona needs to maintain standards in their areas of responsibility, so they will typically require items like reports, alerts, and updates to measure progress.
  • The Check Signer: This persona’s primary concern is gaining insights to abet with decision making and ensuring your product is worth it for their return on investment.

Further Criteria for Creating Buyer Personas

Once you have found buyer personas that fit your selected job titles, you need to interview those customers. By finding out as much as possible about each of them, you can create more substantial buyer persona demographics. You need to know things like which websites they regularly visit, their ages, their genders, and how many children they have.

A buyer persona can be critical for your SaaS marketing success, but you must create your company’s buyer persona in the right way if it is to be useful. You can build a strong persona by looking at further criteria, such as:

  • What is the customer’s role in their company? You must determine whether your buyer is the user of your product or service or whether he or she is the decision-maker. Differentiating those points is vital for your future messaging strategy.
  • What are the customers’ pain points? By looking at the customer’s annoyances and struggles, you can understand what motivates somebody to use your solution.
  • What are the customer’s objections to your solution? Understanding why a customer is not including your product or service as their solution is an eye-opening experience that can help you to build your buyer persona.

In Conclusion

You should test every marketing decision your company makes against your target buyer personas. By using criteria like that mentioned above, you can develop detailed personas. Use these to test your key business decisions, and you will soon see an increase in your SaaS marketing success rate. Buyer personas are indeed crucial in achieving marketing success. The more detailed you make your personas, the more reliable they will be.

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