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We are looking for more quality content on SaaS. And we want you!

Are you also passionate about SaaS? We look for more people who want to share their experiences and help us to understand more and more about the SaaS market in Brazil. This year we are going to create some reports about the Brazuca market and we would like to count on the participation of our readers to make this community more and more alive.

Why write for SaaSholic?

Today we have a list of more than 1000 people and 200 SaaS companies in the BR market. The posts published here are sent to this super qualified list and gain fantastic visibility in the community. Our publication is small, but it is growing at a fast pace, see:

our vanity metrics

What we want to talk about:

Before writing, take a look at our blog. You will understand our footprint and our content. But if we still lack ideas, know that we want to talk more about:

  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Customer Success;
  • Operations;
  • Services;
  • Product and development;
  • Finance;
  • Investments and Venture Capital;
  • Lessons learned by founders and startups in general;

Oh, and if you want to write better here on Medium, we suggest you read this post.

We await your contact! Email [email protected] or send your story directly to this publication.

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