An important reminder to marketers and brands in times of uncertainty…

Since the COVID-2019 pandemic started, the world has changed a lot. The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome spread quickly and is causing a lot of fear, death and misinformation among our friends and families. It has been affecting businesses all over the world but one aspect of it really caught my attention: Now, more than ever, content remains at the throne of the marketing tactics realm. I’m personally impressed about the amount of content out there created to make the world a better, more educated and informed a better place.

COVID-19 is a critical and timely reminder of how the digital transformation is here to stay, as well as how content is getting even more essential in the WFH era. It also highlights the power of interactive, data driven, dynamic content. I’m amazed about the amount of data driven experiences that I’m receiving every day, across all channels that have been helping us navigate these strange times.

Information and education about prevention are the best ways to face this pandemic and now, more than ever, content is among the best ways to help the world get back on their feet. That’s why, today, we decided to bring to you a lot of reliable, high quality and verified coronavirus content.

Throughout this post, you will find a lot of examples of COVID-19 content ― such as e-books, infographics, videos, and apps ― All the content below has been curated from trustworthy sources that will answer some important questions about this pandemic, such as:

  1. What’s the coronavirus?
  2. How did the coronavirus evolution happen?
  3. How are coronavirus cases spreading in the USA?
  4. Where is coronavirus around the world?
  5. What are the preventive measures?
  6. What are coronavirus symptoms?
  7. What do you have to do if you get sick?
  8. How is the race for a vaccine for COVID-19?
  9. How to get reliable new information about coronavirus?

So, stay with us and check out all you have to know about coronavirus, through visual, interactive, objective, and intelligent content. Keep reading, get inspired and informed. Also, take care of yourself and your family!

What’s the coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a big family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. It may turn into a very serious health problem and drive the infected to death.

The coronavirus family is old, but has been through some transformations and its most recent version may be lethal. It’s already considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are perspectives that up to 80% of the global population will be infected by it. Just a little percentage of these people will die — even so, unfortunately, there will be numerous deaths and it may drive to a health system collapse in several countries.

To help you better understand what this pandemic is, we gathered a few general coronavirus contents below. Check out it!

1. Video: What Is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? By Johns Hopkins Medicine

In this video, a Johns Hopkins Medicine specialist explains what is the coronavirus and why it needs so much attention.The institution’s experts follow closely the virus spread and offer all kinds of useful information about the disease and how to prevent its dissemination.

Take some minutes to better understand what the virus is and what you have to do to help contain it.

2. E-book: A New Virus Has Arrived

“A new virus has arrived” is an e-book created by the International Education Group Eton House that explains very didactically what the coronavirus is.

It was written with a focus on explaining it to kids, that’s why it is very simple to be understood. Besides, its illustrations help to make the explanation clearer.

The e-book was originally written and illustrated in Chinese by Amanda Cho, and afterward, it was translated by Renne Sim. This version has both languages. Worth to check it out.

3. Video: World Health Organization (WHO) explains Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov)

In a “draw my life” animation style, the World Health Organization explains what’s the coronavirus, what is composed of, and even its etymology.

The animation also tells you which kind of diseases the coronavirus may cause when it appears for the first time, where it came from, and other relevant information.

If you want to understand all about the virus quickly and objectively, this video is perfect!

4. Infographic: European Center for Disease Prevention and Control COVID-19

The infographic designed by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shows visually and objectively what’s the COVID-19.

Besides, this infographic also shows some simple actions for prevention, what are the symptoms and the estimated incubation period.

A simple look at this content will clarify some important doubts. Check it out!

How did the coronavirus evolution happen?

Some content that you saw until now showed that coronavirus isn’t a piece of news. Its first appearance was in China in 2003.

Since then, it has gotten some mutations until it became what we are seeing today, spreading around the world.

Next, we’ll see a few coronavirus contents that will show its evolution through time. Keep reading!

5. E-book: The New York Times Answer To Your Coronavirus Questions

This e-book composed by The New York Times is a compilation of a few journalistic pieces about the pandemic and it is able to answer your main questions — among them, how the virus evolution happens.

But it isn’t all. Besides coronavirus’s timeline, you’ll find in this e-book other relevant information such as propagations ways, tips to improve your immunity, differences between coronavirus, flu, and allergies, and much more.

The New York Times’ e-book is a truly complete guide about COVID-19.

6. Video: Vox explains why new diseases keep appearing in China

This video explains why new diseases are appearing in China time after time, including COVID-19.

Two types of the coronavirus family, SARS and COVID-19, came from China, probably because of wildlife markets that sell those animals and are very common there.

The video below shows how it works and how we arrived at this point. Watch it!

7. Infographic: diary data pack about coronavirus by Information is Beautiful

This site provides a daily pack of infographics that show visually actualized data about coronavirus. The pack offers some kinds of information split into different graphics that can be analyzed when isolated.

If you want a lot of static data with easy visualization, high-level organization, and that is always fresh, this pack is very useful. Enjoy it!

How are coronavirus cases spreading in the USA?

In the United States of America, all 50 states have confirmed cases of coronavirus. The outbreak already caused more than two hundred deaths and has 16.000 people infected in the country.

Mass gatherings are suspended: schools, churches, shopping, cinemas, theaters, museums, and other places where there might be people agglomeration are closed.

For sure, these limitations are reflecting in the country’s economy — and more: they are influencing the global economy.

In the next topics, you will see some coronavirus content that shows how the virus is spreading throughout the country. Stay with us!

8. Infographic: Tracking the spread of coronavirus in the US

US News, a journalism online channel, published a post with a graphic that shows how many cases are confirmed.

The data that fills this graphic comes from John Hopkins University Center for Systems Science in Engineering and is updated daily.

If you want to split USA data from the rest of the world but analyze each state separately it is a good option.

9. Interactive content: Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard from The Florida Department of Health

The Florida Department of Health provided this map that shows confirmed cases and death stats from the state of Florida.

Besides local data, the map also shows general numbers from the United States and a pitch of the situation in each country of the world.

If you want to highlight Florida’s situation while still follow what’s happening in the rest of the world, it’s a good solution.

10. Infographic: Florida Health COVID-19 Contact Tracing

A very quick coronavirus spread is happening in the entire world. It’s not so different in the United States.

The way to contain it is to isolate confirmed patients and put in quarantine people that had contact with them.

To do it, contact tracking is mandatory, such as what the Florida Health Department is requesting. Take a look at the infographic.

11. Infographic: How to coronavirus is impacting different ages in the United States

Forbes magazine released a preliminary report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that shows the coronavirus impact in different age groups in the United States.

This study impacts the way the North American health system is preparing to receive new patients. Take a look!

Where is coronavirus around the world?

With the speed that the coronavirus is spreading, real-time information access is fundamental to not lose control.

The data are terrifying but it is necessary to keep people aware of the gravity of the situation. Quickly, a lot of apps and coronavirus interactive content was created by institutions of all around the world, bringing us these pieces of information.

The next topics will present to you some of them, each one showing a different way to organize the data to make its understanding easier. Check it out!

12. App: Tracking COVID-19 by Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University tracker has one of the easiest visualizations of the global situation. It hanks the countries by confirmed cases and total deaths.

Moreover, it is possible to select each country to see the stats separately, such as how many confirmed cases and active cases. Besides, it is possible to see actual, logarithmic and daily cases.

The app is available to desktop or mobile devices and there is also an institution blog about the subject.

13. Interactive Content: Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus by NextStrain

This coronavirus interactive content is an animated map that shows how the spread happens all around the world.

During the animation, you can see from and to where the pandemic is going.

There is another graphic that shows the genetics mutations of the virus. All the resources may be set for different kinds of visualizations. Explore the map!

14. Interactive Content: WorldMeter Coronavirus

This is one of the most complete tools to monitor the coronavirus spread, globally ore by each country separately.

There are guides about cases, deaths, death rates, incubation, age, symptoms, and countries. All data is shown in graphics and this tool is perfect to compare the curves between each country. It’s worth exploring.

15. Interactive Content: World Health Organization Experience Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Situation

It is the World Health Organization panel that shows visually how and where coronavirus cases are concentrating.

Two other panels are showing news about coronavirus in real-time and emergencies all the world. In the latest, it is clear how other problems, like an earthquake, are small compared to coronavirus.

16. App: Coronavirus App

This app was developed by two guys based in Taiwan. They made it try and offer something to help the world to go through this emergency.

This tool shows a list of countries affected ranked by the number of cases and in the map, you may click on the country that you want to analyze and see more information, including a graphic settable to compare data.

It’s a nice work!

17. Interactive Content: Wind App Coronavirus Map

Another coronavirus interactive map that shows quickly and easily how many cases there are in each region of the world.

You just click in any pin on the map and are able to see the number of confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths. Take a look!

18. Interactive Content: Bing Tracker COVID-19

It is the coronavirus map created by Bing, the Microsoft search engine. Such as other coronavirus interactive content, we can see the number of cases and deaths by country.

The difference is in the latest news about the virus in each place you click. It’ very useful.

19. App: Coronavirus in Brazil: how to get attendance in the country

This app was created by the Brazilian health ministry to support people when they need medical care.

The app maps the attendance units by geolocation, offering instructions about symptoms, prevention, and what to do in case of infection.

Besides, there is an area for official news about coronavirus. It’s a nice Brazilian government initiative to take control of the situation.

20. Video: Italians share videos about what they wish done 10 days ago to prevent what is happening there today

Italy is the first country to overcome China in the number of deaths. With over 47,000 confirmed cases and still growing vertiginously, it’s one of the regions where the population is suffering the most throughout the whole world.

That’s why some Italians decided to make and share videos telling their 10 days ago selves what they would do differently to avoid their current situation.

It’s a very impactful message but the world is waiting that it will be extremely efficient for awareness.

21. Video: “Today we have seen the dawn”: China without no news local cases

The country where the coronavirus came from already reached the point that there is no new local cases.

Despite knowing that the risk is not over, this fact turns on a little light of hope. This video is about that!

What are the preventive measures?

The only way to help reduce the coronavirus impact is by taking preventive measures. It’s necessary to increase hygiene habits and to adopt social isolation.

The reality expects that 80% of people worldwide will contract coronavirus and that it’s inevitable.

The point is: how to make it happen slowly, so that the health system can support all of the sick and provide them more chances to survive?

The answer is to protect people to retard the simultaneous contamination — in other words, to flatten the curve.

In the next topics, you will see how you can help to do it. Keep reading!

22: Video: Vox explains how to wash your hands

One of the most important ways to prevent the contamination is washing and sterilizing hands frequently, and don’t bring then to the face.

This video explains how to wash your hands properly. Pay attention!

23. Infographic: Pennsylvania Government Department of Health — How Can I Protect Myself? Wash Your Hands!

This infographic is a quick way for you to remember how to wash your hands. You may print it and put it on the bathroom’s walls. Take a look!

24. Video: Vox explains how to use hand sanitizer effectively

When you can’t wash your hands immediately it is very important to sanitize them if you touch any public surfaces.

This video explains how to use correct products to do it.

25. Infographic: Pennsylvania Government Department of Health — How Can I Protect Myself? Practice Good Health Habits!

Besides the washing and sanitizing of your hands and face, there are other habits that you have to adopt to protect yourself and your family.

26. Infographic: Singapore Government explains when to use or not the mask

A controversial point about prevention is whether or not to use masks. A lot of people are getting sick because they don’t know how to use it correctly.

This infographic explains when you should use it.

27. Infographic: Singapore Government explains how to use the mask

Like we just said, in some cases you should use the mask. As important as knowing when it is necessary, is to know how to use it. Learn about it in this infographic.

28. Infographic: Pennsylvania Government Department of Health — How Can I Protect Myself? Quarantine x Isolation!

If you get sick or exposed to coronavirus you have to do a quarantine or total social isolation to protect other people from contamination.

You have to understand the differences between both situations. Check it out!

29. Video: How long coronavirus survive on a surface?

The virus isn’t only suspended in the air. It lies down on surfaces and stays there for a while.

This video shows how much time it can survive in each kind of surface. This information is important so that you know when you should clean them.

What are coronavirus symptoms?

A lot of people still think that coronavirus is a simple flu. But it isn’t. And to get them confused may lead to massive death.

That’s why you must know the symptoms and especially differences between coronavirus and another disease.

30. Infographic: Pennsylvania Government Department of Health — How Can I Protect Myself? Know the Symptoms!

This infographic from the World Health Organization shows the most common symptoms to COVID-19. Keep aware of them!

31. Video: How does COVID-19 affect the body?

As important as knowing what the COVID-19 symptoms are, it is to understand what happens with the infected body.

This information makes it possible to recognize when the sick person needs more care and how to prevent transmission.

The video explains how coronavirus acts inside the human body. Check it out!

What do you have to do if you get sick?

The bigger recommendation to prevent dissemination is to stay at home: don’t get around the street unnecessarily and only go to the hospital when dealing with serious cases.

So, you may be asking yourself what to do if you got sick and when you have to resort to the health system.

In the next topics, you will discover that. Take a look!

32. Infographic: Pennsylvania Government Department of Health — How Can I Protect Myself? When to seek care

Ok. You are feeling sick with high fever, dry cough, and/or breath difficulty ― note that in elderly people the fever might not manifest. What’s the next step?

Please, follow the tips in this WHO’s infographic.

33: Infographic: 10 Ways to Manage Respiratory Symptoms at Home from Florida Health

One of the biggest problems to face coronavirus is the lack of vacancies in hospitals. Thus, some less severe cases have to be managed at home.

If you have to go through that, know how to do it!

How is the race for a vaccine for COVID-19?

Even if the people that are cured of the COVID-19 become immune to it, the vaccine and medicines to prevent and combat the contamination, respectively, are extremely important to restore our peace and freedom to come and go.

But it takes time and it needs a lot of resources and tests. Many countries are in the race to discover it.

34. Video: The Race To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine

See in this video how it is happening and which countries are nearest to discover the cure.

How to get reliable new information about coronavirus?

Even if there are a lot of quality information about the coronavirus on the web and other media, it is important to know validated research fonts to understand where the information comes from.

We bring some medical official research channels, including the own governmental base:

Remember: we are in the middle of a pandemic, so despite all visual content brought here is beautiful, the scene that they represent is terrifying and we have to be prepared to go through this outbreak and survive.

Our lives won’t change: they already completely changed by the novel coronavirus and will never go back to the same.

In the next months, we are going to lose our health, lose life-quality, to lose beloved people, to lose time, to lose our minds, but we can’t lose our hope nor the strength to fight against coronavirus dissemination. We have to keep our ability of thinking about other people as much as we think about ourselves.

So, please, stay home and stay safe. Keep all of us safe. If you need our help, we’ll be right here for you. Contact us!

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