Building a strategic digital marketing campaign is only half the job done. The other half lies in tracking your results continuously. This process includes setting clear goals, choosing a set of relevant metrics, and using multiple digital marketing analytics tools to measure campaign performance. To create comprehensive digital marketing reports over time, you will need to extract the campaign data from these tools and spend hours diligently entering it into Excel spreadsheets.

Fortunately, there is a way to streamline your reporting processes and improve your digital marketing campaigns faster. Yep, I am talking about automated SaaS reporting tools. Here is how they can help you boost your marketing campaign performance.

Automating the Reporting Process

The first thing you need to do when creating reports is to eliminate all unnecessary repetitive tasks. If you are still using Excel, it is time to switch to more sophisticated reporting tools that do not force you to copy your data manually and chase your statistics through a plentitude of tabs.

With the right SaaS reporting tool, you can automate many aspects of your reporting process.

First, automated reports minimize the risk of human error, as you do not copy-paste stats into spreadsheets manually. The tool does not get tired or lose focus. It pulls relevant data directly from the digital marketing tools you are using. Therefore, instead of wasting time on extracting data from multiple resources, you can finally spend more time analyzing your data and updating your digital marketing campaigns based on it.

Second, you can finally stop wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks. The mere idea behind investing in a SaaS reporting tool is to get most of your tasks in a few clicks. These tools let you combine endless widgets from multiple tools and observe them from a single dashboard. You do not need to open multiple tabs at once and extract your data from multiple tools. Instead, the reporting software will fetch your key data from your most important digital marketing tools automatically. This is particularly important to digital marketing professionals that are creating campaigns for multiple clients. A recent product case study published by Four Dots backs me up on that. Namely, statistics show that this digital marketing agency managed to save over 50 hours monthly on predefined reports.

Finally, you can present your achievements professionally. Most digital marketing professionals spend hours on visualizing their reports to make them more appealing to their recipients. This is where, again, SaaS reporting tools help, as they often come with custom reporting templates. They can be easily adapted to your company or client’s needs, as you can easily upload their logo or change brand colors.

Centralizing your Digital Marketing Tools so You can Focus on the Right KPIs

When building digital marketing campaigns and tracking their results, marketers need to rely on multiple tools. The only problem with this approach lies in the fact that following different metrics using various tools may be overwhelming. There are many metrics that may boost your confidence, such as the number of likes on your social media posts. But, what do social media like tell you? Do they indicate that your social media campaign is successful? They don’t. The number of likes per post does not tell you whether users really read your posts. Above all, they do not tell you anything about how engaging your posts are.

Precisely because of that, you need to stop making decisions based on vanity metrics.

For starters, to measure the performance of your campaigns, you need to set clear goals. Only this way can you know whether you have achieved the desired milestones. Above all, the campaign goals you set directly impact what metrics you will use. Always make sure your goals are SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Next, you will need to choose the right metrics to track. Based on your goals, build a detailed measurement plan that will help you understand users’ needs at each stage of their journey. Above all, you need to focus on the metrics that really impact your bottom line.

This is exactly where SaaS reporting tools help. Namely, they give you an opportunity to bring multiple digital marketing tools together under a single platform. For example, you can fully customize your digital marketing dashboards and focus on those features and metrics that are vital to you. This way, you will stop wasting time measuring and analyzing data that is irrelevant to you.

For example, with Reportz, a SaaS digital marketing reporting tool, you can combine various SEO, email marketing, PPC, and social media marketing tools to gain better insights into your campaigns across multiple channels. It lets you combine the widgets from different tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Serpstat, SEMrush, etc.

Identifying the Major Issues and Fixing them Fast

The major benefit of automating your digital marketing reporting processes lies in the fact that you can quickly see what is going on with your campaign. With the majority of SaaS reporting tools, you can even compare identical or custom date periods. For example, you can choose March 2019 and compare it to March 2020 to track your progress.

Serving your team or clients with detailed, real-time analytics and consistent feedback will help you identify the major problems your digital marketing campaign faces and fix them faster. When working with multiple clients, make sure you schedule your reports and choose the right reporting frequency. For example, many digital marketers decide to send weekly reports instead of monthly ones in order to provide clients with timely feedback. By focusing on the right metrics and sending them campaign performance details regularly, you will increase the transparency of your relationship and gain their trust.

Over to You

The major benefit of SaaS reporting tools or your digital marketing campaigns lies in automation. They allow you to streamline the majority of your manual tasks and spend more time on analyzing your data and using it to improve your campaigns. Above all, you can finally bring a myriad of digital marketing tools you use under a single dashboard, choose widgets relevant to you, and track your results in real-time, irrespective of your location. This is an opportunity for you to set clearer goals and focus on metrics that are relevant to you. This is how you will understand the major mistakes you have made so far and fix them faster.

How do you use SaaS reporting tools to improve your digital marketing campaigns? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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