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Diego Gomes, from SaaSholic / Rock Content here.

I’m working on the second edition of my SaaS Research and since we interacted recently, I thought that maybe you could help a little bit here. Promise, it will take less than 5 minutes 😉

Last year we surveyed more than 400 companies in Brazil. I learned a lot in the process and it helped me build a meaningful resource to the SaaS community. Links:



The new wave of Brazilian SaaS innovators

This year, our research is going global and we need your help to spread/answer the SaaSWorld 2018 survey. I’m confident that we will learn a lot about how global this SaaS thing is 😉

The form is two sided, with questions for both investors and founders, and I’d really appreciate your support.

>>Go to SaaSworld 2018 survey<<

>>Go to SaaSworld 2018 survey<<

Ok Diego, how can I help?

I’m an Investor:

  • Answering the survey about your SaaS investments performance, would be really cool!
  • Sharing the survey with fellow investors;
  • Sharing the survey with portfolio founders;

I’m a founder:

  • Answering the survey about your company;
  • Sharing the survey with your investors;
  • Sharing the survey with other founders founders;

You can access the survey clicking here:

>>Go to SaaSworld 2018 survey<<

>>Go to SaaSworld 2018 survey<<

Also, I’d really appreciate if you could share the survey in social media, startups hubs or communities you’re part of. All data will be available (anonymously, obviously) for the public for research purposes!

Thx for your help & Stay tuned!

Diego Gomes

PS: Stay tuned, the report will be available for download in November!

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