There has never been a better time to run a SaaS marketing campaign. 

Statistics suggest that the SaaS market revenues are projected to hit $113.1 billion by 2021. And as per a study, 38% of companies surveyed are already practically running on SaaS technologies. 

You might also be interested to know that organizations that operate almost fully on SaaS apps experience higher employee engagement, and 86% of end-users say that SaaS helps them succeed more as compared to other desktop options. 

However, you should understand that running a SaaS marketing campaign is unlike running other types of marketing. 

For starters, SaaS products are complex! And instead of targeting your campaign on a broad swath of customers considering their demographics, job, and so on, you need to target the user persona.  

Plus, the way you price your product should also serve different user personas and meet their needs.

Here are the winning tips that you can follow while running your SaaS marketing campaign:

  1. Create a campaign to solve user’s pain points

Are your stories all about your products and services? If you answered yes to this question, you need to reconsider your stories and make them bigger.

You should be creating more stories about your company showing transparency, and incorporating people into them.

Focus on the pain points of your users and give them the solution they are seeking for.

Take Slack, for example. 

Slack is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies that grew into a $4 billion company from $0 in four years. In the initial two years, the company grew naturally, making use of rich content and word-of-mouth strategy prior to incorporating outbound marketing strategies.

After two years, Slack introduced its first mass-market campaign. Instead of striving to keep up to growth, they tried to generate growth.

Slack conducted a survey of their user base and found out how users were using their SaaS product and what the benefits were. 

They found out that team productivity increased by 32%, there were 48% fewer meetings, and emails were cut down by 48%. The info gathered was then used to create a campaign centering on users’ pain points, such as meeting burnout.

Thus, the company was able to effectively focus on their target users’ concerns and offered a solution in the form of their product.

  1. Build an effective content marketing strategy

A great content marketing strategy can build your brand, entice visitors to your site, and generate leads. The main benefit of content marketing is that it increases value over time.

Your content will continue to drive leads, while other marketing tactics such as PPC advertising will stop doing so if you stop spending. 

If you look at Dropbox, the SaaS business has several types of potential clients, and they use targeted content at their Dropbox, Dropbox Tech, Dropbox Business, and Dropbox Developer blogs to entice them. Besides, they host webinars to let prospective customers know about their credentials.


Another popular SaaS business, Moz, uses thought leadership content to generate leads. They publish a blog post every day, craft useful and authoritative guides, and make Whiteboard Friday videos.


  1. Build an email list and engage your leads via email campaigns 

Building an active email list of qualified customers is crucial to succeeding as a SaaS marketer. And your target audience would rather receive a friendly and personalized email directed solely towards them as opposed to a generic social media post. 

If you look at the stats, email marketing also yields the best ROI. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you will get $42 in return. What’s more, customers who receive email marketing newsletters are willing to spend 83% more while shopping online.

To start building an email list, consider using elements like email opt-ins. When visitors visit your page, their eyes will land first at the top of the page – you want to take advantage of it.

To do that, you can stick a permanent email opt-in form at the top of your webpage. You can use it to promote your products, posts, affiliate products, or gather your prospects’ email addresses. You can even redirect visitors to your landing page. 

Another way to build your email list is using the strategic content upgrade option. It is bonus content that is relevant and specific to other content of your page or post. You can offer it for free, and in return, ask for your reader’s email address.


You can offer anything in your content upgrade. It could be a checklist of your post or the templates used in your posts.

Don’t have time to create a new content upgrade? In that case, simply convert your blog post into a PDF document and offer it for free to your readers.   

  1. Provide a stellar customer experience

One of the main reasons why customers move to other software is because of poor customer support. It’s natural for clients to feel frustrated when the agent can’t offer the information they are seeking for. 

And not that they’re not going to wait around. Instead, they’ll quickly move on to find answers elsewhere – most likely to your competitor. 

That’s why customer experience is one of the most important parts of any business – not just SaaS.  

Moreover, statistics suggest that a customer is four times more likely to move on to a competitor if they face issues with your customer service as compared to product or price-related issues.

Clearly, customer service is something you can’t afford to ignore. 

When a customer visits your site, they should be easily able to find your customer support link, self-help guides, or contact info. To respond to a query quickly, you can automate response using chatbots until a human agent takes up the issue and solves it.

Or use Live chat and ensure chatbots have all the info related to the clients they are chatting with. You could also offer detailed FAQs and tutorials to help the users quickly solve a problem.

Most importantly, to provide excellent customer service, you need to understand your customers. People love it when companies recall their names and previous conversations. Try to offer personalized help as much as you can. 

Also, offer several customer support options on every channel where your clients might be present. And make sure to train your support staff the right way. Having unprofessional employees in your team can damage the reputation of your company beyond repair.

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask your clients for a review. It will give you knowledge of how your customer support agents are executing their tasks.


SaaS marketing campaigns can be highly beneficial whether you are trying to generate leads or increase sales. 

However, owing to the complexity involved with the SaaS product and its pricing structure, you need a different strategy to implement a successful SaaS marketing campaign. 

Start by understanding your customers and get to know their pain points. And develop your campaign around the customers’ problems. Your content marketing should be solid, offer free trials to entice users and turn them into paying customers, and provide stellar customer service. 

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