Businesses from many industries can benefit from a well-developed and executed content strategy—and the businesses in the tech and SaaS industry are no exception.

Content is what powers inbound marketing, which is why a focused and strategic approach is necessary to improve lead generation and marketing ROI. Developing a Content strategy can be time-consuming and challenging, but it should definitely be a key part of your Marketing. Some Saas companies hire a marketing agency to spearhead their content strategy—thus catapulting you to be able to focus on other key parts of your Business.

Here are several reasons why a good content marketing strategy can benefit your SaaS business:

Content Adds Value Without Divulging Trade Secrets

Some businesses may be afraid that producing educational content for their audiences will give away trade secrets. This is an old misconception that does not further your business as much as it hinders it from growing. 

By providing useful content explaining what you do, its different benefits and applications, and how customers can use it, you can establish your authority as an expert in the field. You also provide transparency—which is greatly valued by potential customers who will perceive you as a brand that can be trusted. 

Creating versatile content that answers customers’ questions can benefit your business in ways beyond marketing. A comprehensive FAQ and other content that addresses common queries can also relieve your team from the burden of having to answer the same questions between customers. 

Content can help increase your conversions

Customers are always looking to learn as much as they can about a product before purchasing. In fact, a study done by ABG essentials showed that Content Marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other marketing methods. Although many may see content as just a great way to build your brand presence – which it is – it can also help increase your conversion rates, which will lead to more users and customers.

In order to employ the power of Content to help increase conversions, make sure to use clear call to actions on what you want the user or visitors to do. The goal can be to grab an email, schedule a demo, or even purchase the product. Whatever the goal may be, make sure to properly showcase it with a clear CTA.

Content is Engaging and Can Start Conversations

Your social media pages and profiles are some of the best channels to share great content and receive feedback from your customers. Producing and promoting content means meeting your customers where they are—so the better your social media content strategy, the more people are likely to engage with your business through a relatable medium!

Content Can Help Product and Brand Discovery

Coming out with a new idea your customers won’t realize they need yet is tricky. How can you promote this idea when your customers have no way of finding it? 

The best way is through useful and relevant content that follows an inbound marketing strategy, focusing on customers’ needs and pain points rather than discussing the product itself. By making the most of search engine optimization methods, such as keyword search, you’ll bring the right kind of traffic to your site!

Once visitors arrive on your website, they need to know how to navigate it properly to reach the content that’s valuable to them. Having a good structure, user experience and navigation around your website is key to a good conversion process.

Content Gives Your Brand Personality

Customers always want to feel like they’re interacting with real human beings that they can trust rather than a business or brand that’s just out to make a profit. This is especially true for businesses that produce technical products; your existing content strategy might leave customers scratching their heads, wondering what on earth you’re talking about and how it relates to them. Giving your brand personality builds trust, and trust builds sales. 

By gearing content towards a more relatable and approachable stance, you’ll be able to show your customers who you are and why you’re important in their lives. If you’re brave enough, then you might even be able to incorporate a little humor into your blogs or video content—which is something they’ll really appreciate! 

Content Establishes Your Authority as a Thought Leader

If your content can demonstrate a thorough understanding of your niche and produce a good amount of value-adding content, then audiences are more likely to view your brand with respect and perceive you as an authority figure. 

Creating content that aims to educate your audience, discuss the state of your industry, and predict future trends leads to a better understanding of your brand’s purpose. Be confident, innovative, and perhaps even a little controversial to show that you are looking to future developments and trends like a professional SaaS company!

How to develop an effective Content Strategy

I’m sure all these benefits to using Content Marketing sound great, but you may be asking yourself: How do I develop a Content Marketing Strategy?

Good news, it’s very simple. 

For starters, you’ll want to identify your audience. Some forms of Content might work differently and obtain more engagement for some audiences than others, and you will definitely want to know that before creating something that’s not engaging to your target market. Once you’ve identified what your customers and audience engage with, the next step is to put your creative brain to work.

Content doesn’t need to be 5-star videos or super expensive photoshoots. You can use tools like canva and photoshop to create quick and easy infographics, or you can write an article about your product and publish it online. 

Your Content strategy doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it needs to be consistent. Consistency and value are the two secrets to using content as an advantage to your Business.


When done well, content can add plenty of value to your audience—and in turn, it adds value to your business in the form of ROI. It can establish your authority in the industry, engage and gain your audience’s trust, help you market your brand even better and yes, help you reach and acquire new customers. By investing in the right SaaS marketing company, you’ll be able to create a content strategy that can catapult your business to greater heights. 

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